Birra Follina is a microbrewery that was founded in 2012, the namesake of the area along the foothills of Treviso where it has its roots. A passion for the world of craft beer, years of extensive experience in winemaking and secondary fermentation in bottle, and twenty years of studying beermaking technology and equipment throughout Europe: these were the premises for the start of our adventure.

The name comes from the ancient village of Follina, once called Sanavalle (or ‘Healthy Valley’) for its particular health-giving qualities. And it is the spring of the Follina, one of the smallest rivers in Italy, that gives us its pure, clean water: the key ingredient in the production of our beers.

Our top-fermented, Belgian-inspired beers aren’t filtered or pasteurised, and are aimed at beer drinkers with a refined palate, including high-end restaurants and wine bars who wish to offer their customers an alternative to wine.